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SUP Yin Yoga Challenge: Pose 8 – 1/2 Saddle

SUP Yin Yoga Challenge: Pose 8 – 1/2 Saddle

It´s time to get into those quads! The muscles group on the front of your thigh.

½ Saddle

Next out in the #supyinyogachallenge is ½ Saddle.

This pose is much like the Saddle but done with only one leg at a time. The arch on the sacro-lumbar spine is less than in the full Saddle but the stretch on the thigh is more.

From my teacher, Paul Grilley

Target area

Physical target area: quadriceps (front of your thighs). Some people will find a stretch around the hip flexors as well. Depending on how far back you rest with your arms and torso, you might also feel a stretch all the way up over your belly.

Mental target area: scan your body for tension and try soften around spots that feel tense. Relax your body so your mind can follow. Trust your breath and soften into the pose. Allow your thoughts to arise and try letting them flow away with the water. Over and over again. Close your eyes and empty your mind.

How to get into ½ Saddle

From seated, stretch one leg out on your board/mat. Bend your knee on your opposite leg and allow your foot to rest alongside your outer hip. The free leg, the one stretched, can be modified and positioned as you wish. Allow that leg to be straight, bent with the knee to the side, or however you wish. Maybe drop that leg in the water.

Hold ½ Saddle one to five minutes and change side.

Now go hit the water or mat, and don´t forget to post a picture on Instagram with:

1. @supyogapro
2. #supyinyogachallenge
3. Tag a friend you think would enjoy the challenge
4. Feel free to share some words about your experience!

Let this be an experimental journey through observation and practice. Take responsibility for your own experience. Ask for input and advice, but commit to do the work yourself – getting to know your body and mind. That´s where healing and improvement happens.

Sofie Ringsten

Sofie Ringsten

<p>Sofie is SUP yoga pioneer in Sweden and the founder of SUP Yoga Pro. She is a passionate stand up paddle surfer, ocean devotee and teachers trainer. She is an ambassador for Roxy and Klean Kanteen, and Black Cat Boards team rider. She offers SUP yoga teacher trainings worldwide, and shares her knowledge about SUP in general through SUP Yoga Pro.</p>