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Wallace J. Nichols

How would you explain the healing powers of water, in just a few sentences?

The best way to understand “blue mind” is to first think about “red mind” the highly connected, overstimulated, busy and stressed state we increasingly consider normal. We know that chronic stress can cause or exacerbate a wide range of illnesses, diseases and disorders. Now, logging out, turning off, stepping outside and moving towards water we begin to unwind, relax and let go of the noise, information and screens. When we are near, in, on or under water our auditory and visual fields are simplified. We gain bandwidth, our breathing and heart rates slow and become more coherent and some people have more access to their creativity. The healing benefits begin there.

What do you do to create tiny moments of connection to water throughout your day?

I’m mindful of the water in my home and in my neighborhood. I also take time to enjoy the blue mind moments others share. Rather than zooming through images on Instagram, for example, I savor the ones I find most beautiful and thank their author for taking the time to share. I’m also addicted to giving away blue marbles to people as small gestures of gratitude, to be passed on and on and on. Each one creates a beautiful connection, and it’s so simple.

What do you think we all can do, to help save our ocean?

I’ve stopped answering this question. Instead, I ask it back to each person. You know the answer, I promise. Find your answer and then do it. That second part, the action, is the hard part. Together, all those like-minded actions become a blue mind movement.

Have your tried SUP yoga? If yes, would you like to share your experience of it?

I just participated in a wonderful sunrise SUP yoga session on Lake Austin. I love it as a start or end to the day. The air was warm, hot even, but the water was cool. I knew that my reward at the end of a session would be a cold plunge in the lake and that if I lost my balance, which I’m very good at doing, I’d be refreshed by the water. The additional physical benefits of SUP yoga are obvious, but the psychological benefits run deep.

Image credit: Erich Schlegel