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SUP Yoga goes SUP Qigong – Compassionate Buddha

SUP Yoga goes SUP Qigong – Compassionate Buddha

Qigong is about bringing yourself into a state of openness. About bringing the body, breath and mind into a profound state of openness. A practice involving movements that incorporates physical movements, breathing exercises and meditation. Slow movements emphasizing breathing with fluid movements, most often not as physical as yoga. It´s kind of yoga´s cousin, yoga being Indian and qigong coming originally from China.

Qigong (pronounced chee gung) is a nice practice to include in your yoga practice. Especially if you do slow paced yoga like yin yoga, it´s an amazing complement, since it also emphasizes our meridians, working with nature (yin and yang, heaven and earth).

This practice I learned from my former Qigong teacher, Michael Rinaldini. It´s called Compassionate Qigong, and is a form of qigong that came to him intuitively one late summer evenening back in September 1999. Rinaldini was out walking, and after that he wanted to do some stationary acticity. His intention was to simply experiende all the energy around him, and as he felt aliveness he began to move his hands… and ended up creating the Compassionate Buddha qigong.

The goal of qigong practice is to attain a state of mind which is frequently referred to as the Qigong State of Mind.

– Michael Rinaldini


It´s a simple pattern. As I practiced this pattern the first time, I instantly felt that it was such a natural way to move my body, working with the energies of heaven and earth. I felt totally connected to nature around me, a harmony with earth.

I often practice this easy, simple qigong praticte. I include it in my earth bound practice and teachings, as a qigong practice to complement the yin practice. I teach it at my yin yoga teacher trainings, and I realized it was time to bring it to the board and share it with you all.

So, here it is. The Compassionate Qigong.

Lift your arms upward, like youré lifting an object.
Raise your arms to your face level,and then turn your palms outward, and lift your arms above your head until your arms are fully extended.

Arms out to the sides, make a full circle and lower your hands as you lower your body all the way down to a squat position.

Note – if squatting is difficult, this practice can be done standing. Just skip squatting and practice with your arms only.

Repeat as many times as you want.

Sofie Ringsten

Sofie Ringsten

<p>Sofie is SUP yoga pioneer in Sweden and the founder of SUP Yoga Pro. She is a passionate stand up paddle surfer, ocean devotee and teachers trainer. She is an ambassador for Roxy and Klean Kanteen, and Black Cat Boards team rider. She offers SUP yoga teacher trainings worldwide, and shares her knowledge about SUP in general through SUP Yoga Pro.</p>