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September SUP meditation

September SUP meditation

September is THE month for meditation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a yoga teacher and a fan of meditation, I think it´s always a good idea to meditate. But September has its own way of creating the perfect time to slow down, stop, and ponder about life.

When is the last time your life revolved around the weather? When could you recite, down to the minute, the time of the sunrise, sunset, high tide, or low tide? My guess is not recently. As mindless as one might consider the stereotypical surfer, there are an infinite number of variables that contribute to creating perfect waves. All of those variables are rooted in the ebb and flow of the earth, and restoring an intimate connection between human behavior and the natural world can only improve our Google Glass-wearing, iPhone-fixated psyches. Seriously, unplug once in a while.

– The inertia


September is a month where there´s a shift happening in nature. We´ve covered it in the former blog posts about nature and the Chinese medicine view of life. It´s time to go practical in the theory, and actually take some time to study nature. It´s easy, really. Easy, and powerful.



Study nature

How often do you actually look at the weather – and see it? How often do you really feel it? Do you take some time to stop whatever you´re doing, to go outside and just feel the wind, rain, snow, sun…? Most often we do that during summer, when we relax in the sun. Can you do the same thing during the chillier months? It can teach us a lot.

It´s time to unplug, hit the water – and slow down

Here´s my September gift to you. A short meditation practice to do, on your SUP board after you´ve paddle to get warm (if September is offering some cold weather at your location), and find a place to be still. If you don´t have a board at the moment, go sit by the water.

If you enjoyed the SUP Yoga Pro signature pose: Surfers pose, feel free to use that one. If you prefer keeping your feet and legs dry, find another seated pose of your choice. If you´re sitting on a dock/jetty, find a way to sit comfortably.

September SUP meditation

From your seated position, take a few moments to look at the water… taking in its quality. See how water moves without resistance. And embrace that into your own being. Is there anything you potentially can let go of?

Inhale – I breathe in
Exhale – I breathe out


Continue for 5 minutes or so. Just inhaling, chanting “I breathe in”, exhaling, chanting “I breathe out”. Do this silently, as you let go of anything that bothers you. Your stomach and spleen will love it, since it means you´ll let go of some worries, calming those organs that, according to Chinese medicine, are connected to worry, over-thinking and anxiety.

Continue on land during your day

This meditation is a keeper, even on land. Use it during your days at work, or whatever you´re doing. Close your eyes and connect to the qualities of water. Connect with the part of you that´s liquid. (We´re made of about 50-70 % water). As you inhale and exhale, feel your breath as it was water. Or a wave. Is there anything you potentially can let go of?

Sofie Ringsten

Sofie Ringsten

<p>Sofie is SUP yoga pioneer in Sweden and the founder of SUP Yoga Pro. She is a passionate stand up paddle surfer, ocean devotee and teachers trainer. She is an ambassador for Roxy and Klean Kanteen, and Black Cat Boards team rider. She offers SUP yoga teacher trainings worldwide, and shares her knowledge about SUP in general through SUP Yoga Pro.</p>